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UFO Pinball

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I have never created a table before so this is a request to the community for help.

UFO means the rock band not flying saucers. Read on if you are interested in helping or doing a UFO themed table. If you have never heard of UFO then look them up – one of the most under-rated British rock bands.

I have lots of potential ideas here but this year is their 50th anniversary so the timing is definitely ripe for UFO to have their own table.

I was thinking along the lines of the AC/DC table where their music is part of the table. For UFO the “Strangers in the Night” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTS1eUUfxF4) album comes to mind as not only their best work but also a good theme. The intro sounds just right…”Would you please welcome from England UFO“ as the startup audio.

I thought that a late 70’s or 80’s type of table would also be appropriate as the album was released in 1979. Nothing too flashy or over the top. I like the early 2 level tables with magnasave like Black Knight. After that there is a whole lot of detailed discussion that could be had on the actual layout. I had thought about even re-theming an existing table to save some time but I’m not opposed to a completely new layout.


BTW I have also decided to theme my full size pinball cabinet as “UFO – Pinball Obsession”. Not everyone may agree but I rank Obsession as one of the better albums

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