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What have I done ? Idiot

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just got my virtual table home, all was working (need tidying up but all ok)

i removed the backbox (unplugging cables from monitor and 2 usb cables from pin2dmd) to enable getting the table upstairs.

when I plugged it all together I got the below image




it it looks like part of the outputted image has swapped with another (top for bottom) 

i have tried swapping the usb cables back around but still the same. If I start a game it displays the scores/animations in a similar way (ie mixed up)

Tried running pin2dmd.exe and resetting but still the same. What have I done and more importantly how do I get it set back ? Or have I borked my display or pin2dmd ?

this is the pin2dmd board on the back of the dmd E591C22E-E821-4E2A-9C22-C6E92F5DDB1B.thumb.jpeg.a9cb253f21850537ee631301328db425.jpeg


im usually ok with real pins but I’m a newb when it comes to vpins.

thanks for any help

ian (the numpty)


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Looks like one of the row signals on the connector from the nucleo shield to the panels is missing.

Try reseating the controller or check the solder joints

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Cool that seems to have fixed it.

it seemed to be the lower board (shield?) reseated it on the led segment and it came back ok on power on.

I had reseated the upper board (one with usb connectors ) a few times with no joy.

It’s more like real pinball than I thought, most display problems are fixed by reseating the cables a few times..

Thanks again



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