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30 minutes ago, adamstillman said:

looks great. question.... are you coloring this on a specific rom?? .. or should i say, pro or LE?

That shouldnt matter. if the frame checksums are the same between the versions they'll work.  When he has to use pinball editor for the dynmaic scenes, then it'll be an issue.


Really good usage of color in the "multi mutant scenes" it gets tricky with such a limited palette. I get stuck with the ninjaturtles cause they are green and yellow and each turtle has their own specific color and mikey's gear cant blend in with his undershell 😕

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51 minutes ago, cb3 said:

I'm using the LE rom.

I am re-thinking this as I believe the Pro rom  plays bettter then the LE.  

Can anyone tell me off-hand what the big differences are between the two?

Like Malenko said this will not be an issue until I get to the Pinball Browser portion of coloring, I'm probably a few weeks away yet from that.

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I"m pretty sure that you can color the Pro rom

export the macro

and run the macro on the LE rom


any changes you made to the Pro rom will be applied to the LE rom.

then just release a patch for each the LE and the Pro roms.


this is how the color is applied to the rom updates,




the only thing you need to find out is if the LE has unique scenes not found on the Pro rom.

and this problem applies to the PIN2DMD editor project as well as those replacement scenes need to be added


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