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pin2dmd first test, first issue

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So I had a pindmd1 installed with a vishay plasma DMD and just rcvd a pin2dmd complete setup. I connected everything up, registered and started pin2dmd.exe with my key in the same folder. So far so good.

Edited my dmddevice.ini file to set pindmd1 to false and pin2dmd to true. I started a test in vpinmame by running setup, find a colored rom (I tested on a virtual DMD), and I see the color palette on the pin2dmd change, but that's about it. I can't get anything but the default screen to display. (I also copied the dmddevice.dll into my vpinmame folder.

If I start a table, the main monitor PF bounces.


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Yep. Not sure if I would be able to install the key unless I did that. Does the update firmware software on the secondary usb port? It’s not finding the ST in the software.

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