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"DOFLinx: Effects" Preview! (Stargate and After Burner Demo). Use MX Leds, DOF, and PuP-Packs with any game!

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Have you ever wanted to use some of my cool Addressable Led effects / animations in a pinball game...or maybe a PC game...MAME arcade game? What about your DOF lighting and feedback? Maybe also use a PuP-Pack?

Well now you can!

This is a demo of "DOFLinx: Effects." I created 100's of addressable led effects and animations, as well as all sorts of DOF lighting animations and feedback... and I added it all to "ONE" rom configuration in DOF Config Tool! Almost 1000 Exxx triggers can be used!

This rom allows any VPX table, FP table (that doesn't have DOF support), to use them through DOF / DOFLinx script commands.

For tables and games that DON'T have DOF capability (PC, Zaccaria pinball, MAME,etc), this also means they can be controlled with Startup Events, or with key / button presses using DOFLinx! While that may not be the same as full DOF control (using script commands)... the video demo shows that it can still do some cool stuff!

I'll have more information soon on the DOFLinx forum. Anyone can do this using my "DOFLinx SUP ini Creator".

Make sure you watch the Stargate demo on the second half of the video!



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"DOFLinx Effects": What is it? How does it work?

In this video I explain what "DOFLinx: Effects" is and how it works for any game...   and it's limitations compared to proper DOF for Visual Pinball or Future Pinball Tables.


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