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[New VP10 Alert] Caveman (Gottlieb 1982)

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Caveman (Gottlieb 1982)

This is a VPX conversion of Lovthatapex and Destruk's 1982 Gottlieb Caveman table. Big thanks to Lovthatapex and Destruk for their work. This table was a pain in the arse to convert, because it crashes half the time, at least on my computer. It doesn't seem to be the VPX crashing it, I think its the pinmame emulation. So if it crashes on you, just open it again, and hope it starts. once it starts, its fine. If anybody has a answer to this, please let me know. Feel free to fix it up or modify it. ;)

It needs the rom named "caveman.zip". Hopefully you have a friend who has it, because the Gottlieb roms were pulled from all of the VP sites. Quietly ask your friend through PM or hey call him and invite him over for dinner. :)

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