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Newbie with pinball x backglass display question


I'm going to be receiving my very first mini table top virtual pinball table. It's just one backglass monitor and the main display.

I've seen very cool backglass displays with video and a DMD. Since I'm only going to have one display on the back glass, is it possible in pinball x to have it split 3 ways on one monitor? Back glass art, DMD, video clips? 

I'm not able to add a new monitor or wouldn't  know how to.

Thank you.

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Yes. That is possible. You define in db2s where the emulated backglass/translite should start and end using x,y coordinates. The same goes for your dmd etc At some point you might have trouble fitting it all though. BorgDog did something I wish I came up or knew before I built my pin. He got a rather large TV which he raise 90 degrees using "all" of the backbox as a possible screen area. Genius.

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