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Warning about cheap chinese STM32F4 discovery board clones

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Recently some cheap chinese clones of the STM32F4 discovery board have surfaced on ebay and aliexpress.These boards DON´T work with pin2dmd because of missing or wrong parts mounted on the pcb. They can be identified by the green audio socket and the missing STM32 logo on the pcb. Please make sure you order a genuine STM32 board for your pin2dmd project or better use the NUCLEO STM32F429ZI based pin2dmd which has e.g faster SD card access and supports more pinball machines (128x16 DataEast) Here is a picture of the original (top) and the clone (bottom)


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Unfortunatly i have buy one i have tried it but with no result led panel are totally off. How i can test if Led panel are ok or hoe i can test STM32F4 without panel? Firmware is flashed correctly i belive and windown recognize the board using zadig.

Please help me thanks i 'll buy an original one but i want to test led panel if it is possible.

Just to test i have made a direct connection but now with st utility i cannot connect to st link anymore while before i can connect i need to change driver with zadig before try to reflash firmware.





2019-01-16 (1).png

2019-01-16 (2).png

2019-01-16 (3).png

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I have already wasted too much time on these cheap STM32 clones and always only buying a original one solved the problems in the end.

So please understand that I can´t help you more than saying double check your wiring against here https://github.com/lucky01/PIN2DMD/blob/master/hardware/V3 STM32F4 DISCOVERY/Wiring.md 

and buy a original one.

The zadig is not for replacing the ST-Link drivers (Mini USB). Only for the user USB (micro USB).
Reinstall your ST-Link Drivers for the MiniUSB

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Thanks a lot lucky1 i'll triple check connection even i am quite sure that they are correct and i'll buy an original STM32F4 board asap. Let me ask tree question just to help me to point out if i have made some mistake:

1)i have powered stm32F4 board from mini usb connector it is enouth or i have to power it with my 5V 20 AMP power that is connected only to led panel?

2)for virtual pinball i have to use micro or mini usb or both for data connection?

3)if something is wrong or cheap chinese board are not working is there a way to test led panel because the are completely black i do non t see anaything, they seems completely powered off


Thanks for your help and beautiful work.


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