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I'm new to VP and i know this is asked alot but i just cant seem to find the answer, well not one that works for me.

I have just finished a cocktail cabinet with a single 32" screen. The cabinet has a std MAME joystick and buttons as well as side placed pinball buttons. Its an older iPac but its working fine on everything apart from coin assignment. I have a dedicated coin button as well as 1P and 2P buttons. My coin button is assigned to keyboard key C and I am running Visual Pinball 10.5 on Windows 10

It seems with VP the coin button is either 3,4 or 5. I "think" i have tried everything i have read about including edits the vpmkeys.vbs file and tried changing the line for keyInsertCoin1 to "c" but nothing is seeming to work.

The table i am using at the moment is Spider Man ( Table Link ) which i think i'm right in saying is a Stern table and used a sam.vbs file.

Is there a way round to change the 3 button for coins1 to the letter C, at the moment the only way i can play is to have an external keyboard connected 😞

Thanks in advance

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Can't you change within vpx the coin assignment ? It was a time ago, but I assigned ports from my virtuapin controller also to the coins button

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