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MP4 Videos working and not working in PinballX.... Codecs..., Help!

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Please someone save me some time and point out something I might have missed....

I have a cab up and running, so I copied all the video files from FX2, FX3, VP, and VPX to a new computer build.

Installed (what I think) are all the programs and stuff needed, then put all the videos in the proper media folders within PinballX.

The FX2 and FX3 vids all play fine, but the VP and VPX vids do not play scrolling through the front end.

I've been searching for the answer for a week now and can't find what I did different the first time.  I have FFMPEG and such in the Pinballx folder, downloaded some LAV files and threw them in PinballX as well, nothing is helping.  I'm sure it's written somewhere on how and what to do, but everyone sets these up a little different and it seems there's always one switch I forget to switch then MAGIC!

PLEASE let me know what dumbass move I've done if you can tell from this description.


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