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Return to VP after a while off -vpX?? b2s slowdown

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Hi guys I am getting back into VP. I decided to update my existing cabinet setup and downloaded VP 9.91, new vpt's and decided to ditch UVP for b2s.  After spending time trying to get the layout correct, i have gotten some tables working properly.  However, the flippers lag and sometimes get stuck. 

Everything works perfect with standard tables and backglass.   Is this normal?  Does B2s server really take that much resources?

I also get the following error on many tables.  


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Always. Let the game start once before even considering how it performs. It is a long standing known fact. First time a rom is run, it will act odd since it doesn't have any nvram data to read.

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If you come across that Fatal Error message again, try clicking Preferences tab at top of editor, then click Video Options.

You will see in lower right part of menu a "Max Texture Dimension" section. (as seen in pic.

Uncheck "Unlimited" and try a lower setting.

This should help with the tables that are giving you that Fatal Error  message.

Carry on.


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