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[New VP10 Alert] Apache! (Taito 1978) full pack

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Apache! (Taito 1978) full pack

Apache! (Taito 1978) full kit (table, backglass, media pack)

Ready after a long work the first 1978's TTL version of Taito's Apache! pinball
This ia a little different from it's SS '79 version for the system used an for a different backglass.

As there is no ROM (TTL is a tecnology between electromeccanical an digital) and because the table uses the same playfield layout as Gottlieb's 1975 Fast Draw, it is made from Loserman's Fast Draw EM table with some adjust.

A team work by:
Loserman76: original table and script mod
Editoy: table graphics redraw from scratch, playfield adjust, backlass from scartch
Xenonph: original sounds
Tio Italo: apron image and instruction translate
JP Salas: finishing touches, backdrop, gi lights

Special thanks to
Carlos Guizzo, Luiz Culik, Márcio Urso: images and infos

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Interresting. I didn't know there was a thing between EM's and SS. Looking forward to see how this one plays out.

Thank you Alessio !

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