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[New VP10 Alert] Rack Em Up (Gottlieb 1983)

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Rack Em Up (Gottlieb 1983)

Thanks to :
Inkochnito for your Dipswitchs
TAB, LuvThatApex and Destruk, for your version VP8
dboyrecords for your conversion and rotation in VP9
Also thanks to all those who got involved in one way or another (wildman in backglass, STAT in media pack, and if I forget someone I apologize)
Thanks To Bord for his beautiful primitive flippers, implement them in this table.
The table was recreated from scratch, the playfield try to make it as similar as possible to the original, there are few good photos out there, so i did what i could, hope the final result will please you, the door at the top where it comes out the ball to the field of play is not the model that should be, but as i'm not good with 3D modeling is what i could achieve, if someone is encouraged to recreate it and send to me, would replace it immediately, try to recreate the physics as best i could using the three videos find on Youtube.



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