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3 minutes ago, Thalamus said:

Have a feeling that TAF is going to become some kind of x-mas present ?!

I think sadly this will not be possible, because there are still a lot of things to fix and I agreed with G5K to release it as soon as the new table will see the light of the world 🙂

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Ah. That's ok. I will much rather you guys finish this project in style than having to do a rush job in order to reach a deadline. For each component I've seen it is going to be a very nice release indeed. Your excellent DMD work, with an amazing looking table that I've learned has more than a few sound improvements.

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On 1/7/2019 at 8:54 PM, NetzZWerg said:

I created a tutorial for the editor for those who requested:


I've watched the tutorial... it's great. Very informative. Some of it is different to how I'd previously been told to do it but I'm not sure if it's just personal preferences or changes in the versions but your results speak for themselves so I'll use your method from now on


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