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Please refrain from sharing of ColorDMD(™) dumps or files.

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I received a message from the owners of ColorDMD regarding the use of dumps from ColorDMD for use in Pin2DMD colorization.  It was determined long ago that we would not support anything that infringes on ColorDMD. So far they have been really polite regarding our projects.  Please; lets not poke the bear any further.


Reaching out to you for some help with a thread that was started on the VPUniverse site last week.

The thread is titled “making dumps of a colordmd gameplay” and can be found at this link: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3732-making-dumps-of-a-colordmd-gameplay/.

The thread was started by a new VPU member, where he describes a method he came up with for recording ColorDMD artwork for the purpose of importing into the Pin2DMD editor for use in Pin2DMD projects.  He posts several files containing ColorDMD artwork and offers recording services to others through the site.  This activity was endorsed in the thread by the Pin2DMD founder, and he goes on to describe editor features that were added for the purpose of working with these files.

I’m fairly certain that this violates the site’s terms of use, and the use of VPUniverse to induce infringement of our artwork is not accepted behavior.  I sent a report of abuse for the thread yesterday through the website but have not received a response.

We’re very concerned about the misuse of our artwork as we have spent more than six years to manually create this content, and a large investment both in time and money in its development.  Protecting this work is critical to our business whose revenues are used to continue to invest in content creation both internally and through payments to other hobbyists who contribute to this work under independent contractor agreements.

I’m hoping you can help us out by taking down the offending thread, and reminding others not to post or distribute ColorDMD artwork through the site. 

Thank you very much for your consideration. 


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Absolutely accepted and supported but let me clarify that the editor import filter for RGB file format, which is also used in bitmap files, was not meant to simply reuse the ColorDMD artwork but only to display it for inspiration for PIN2DMD authors. We don´t endorse the use of copyrighted artwork for pin2dmd colorizations.



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In my opinion if there would be a converter of some kind so that a user could download the colordmd file from official site and convert it for personal purposes only, I don't think this would be a problem, wouldn't it? Just thinking about the possibility...

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