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[New B2S Alert] Criterium 75 (Recel 1975) full set

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Criterium 75 (Recel 1975) full set

Criterium 75 (Recel 1975) full set (backglass, vpx table, media pack)

I started all from backglass when i found a big high resolution picture
Made a big work for remove all lights reflex here and there, most of all in the crowd of spectators in the background, and for light position and fonts

Backglass works with Exegeta's Criterium 77 (Taito 1977) VPX table, that is a 1 player table It could be shared that way, but after all there are little differences from 77 and 75 playfield so i made a mod of the original table.
This version is for FS view, because i moved out of screen counters and changes graphics of bumpers, target, spinner and apron. Made some color correction and lights position too.
The table is still for 1 player only.
Thanks to

Exegeta for his permission

Stat  for 4 Player version

Loserman for help with script

HSM for Desktop mod


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