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DOF Configuration - What's the difference between Launch Button, Authentic Launch Ball and ZB Launch Ball?

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I have DOF configured and running on my build.  I'm using a Zeb Boards Plunger (V3) and have my buttons connected to it for button control.  I have the button lights connected to an LEDWiz.  In addition to the Zeb Plunger Controller, I have a Start Game button, Exit Button, Coin Button and Launch Ball Button.  

My question is for the Launch Ball button configuration in DOF Config tool.  When assigning the port within the LEDWiz configuration, there are three choices that appear to be applicable.  Which of the three is the "right" one to use?  Note:  my launch ball button is also configured to act as a plunger button (using XPadder in FP and FX3).  Currently, I have it set to Authentic Launch Ball, but noticed some games have others (of the 3 listed) enabled.  Thanks!

  •  Launch Button
  • Authentic Launch Ball
  • ZB Launch Ball
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I was just looking for the same answer and found    this Link    here


ZB Launch is just a dummy in my opinion to use the Plunger as a button. That works fine for me. I just push the plunger a little bit and that´s the same as I would use a pushbutton.

I attached a screenshot of my Pinscape´s setup program



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