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Pin2DMD keeps reverting back to Not Activated until I reboot

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Working through my cabinet and did the physical build first, and now have been messing with the software so I haven't played a ton of games yet and don't even have a frontend menu system installed yet either.

But, for some reason when I play some tables (most tables) when I exit out of the table, but not out of VPX, the Pin2DMD will pop up that it is Not Activated and then won't work again until I power cycle the whole cabinet.

I am not sure if this is just with colored DMD tables or not, and will keep trying to find a pattern, but it happens A LOT.  

I have a valid license, and it works perfectly right after reboot, but between games it does this.

Please help.


Oh, I have an Uncle Sash built Pin2DMD that he made me around Christmas 2017 if that helps to put a "date of birth" on to the one that I have.

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So I tested it again and in the middle of TRON Legacy it just went to Not Activated. So it is happening mid-game it seems.

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>>>When I 1st power mine up it says the firmware on the front of it


Colorprism V2.51 is what I see. Looks like the latest is 2.58. Unfortunately the ST Link utility keeps saying "No ST-LINK detected" when I select Target>Connect. Might have to upgrade via microSD, which is unfortunate because getting to my Pin2DMD is not a simple task. Makes me almost wish that I put an access panel on the back of my backbox.





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So far so good.  I played TRON Legacy, which I was getting about 2 minutes into yesterday before it would "fail" and go to not activated, and made it through a full game, then went to 3 more tables and played 2 balls each, all without issue.

Not sure that it all helped, but I updated the firmware to 2.58 as mentioned (via micro SDcard), I left the original PIN2DMD.DAT that was on the micro SDcard, but also added my activation key (renamed to pin2dmd.key).  I doubt that will do any good, but I did it anyway.


I made sure that I ran the zadig USB tool (I don't think that I ever did) and changed the Pin2DMD  device to libusb-win32.

I also copied all of the latest files into the Pin2DMD folder on my C: drive and overwrote the old files.

Lastly, I swapped USB ports just for kicks.

So I *think* we are good.  YAY! Finally getting some of the kinks worked out.  

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