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Cannot configure Pin2DMD display with Pin2DMD.exe

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I bought 2 years ago a Pin2DMD-display from PinballSP and now I am taking it into use again. I have already managed to update its firmware to 2.58,
but after that it states "Gottlieb V2" or something like that and is stuck there. When I now try to configure the display with Pin2dmd.exe, the display
does not respond to anything. I am using the Pin2DMD-display in real pinball (WPC95-machine).

What might be the trouble and what to try? Anybody able to send me the Pin2DMD.dat -file that I would need to put on my SD-card so that I would not
have to try to configure the screen with the program?

Thank you for any help!

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The computer does not find any drivers when I connect the cable to the pin2dmd. I guess the reason for the problems might be that even though I have installed "DeFuse Demo" for updating firmware, the program refused to install drivers for some reason on x86 Win7. If they are the same drivers that should be used now, they are non-existent. If there are some drivers available or if one can send me pin2dmd.dat -file to be used with real pinball, newest pin2dmd firmware and Bally/Williams -machine, that might work.

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