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questions reg. install/setup

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I'm new here, I have been messing with VP, FP, MAME, etc. for a few years, and just recently got a pinball cabinet. I have a PinDMD 3 in it, so from what I've gathered by reading various posts, I need to download either VPinMAME_SAM_PINDMD3_2.37 or SAMBuild31, but not clear to me which one.

I admit I am a bit sketchy on the details of how PinMAME works.  I've wondered when I launch a VpinMAME table, why there is more than one splash screen that may pop up, I believe they both say VpinMAME, but one is a light-blue background and the other is a dark-brown/black background with reddish text?  

Do I just need to follow the steps in this thread: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3461-sambuild31-beta-thread/ ?  And it will not affect how other tables play, it just adds support for the Stern ROMs and tables?


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Yes. You want the latest sam-build from these forums, released by Carny for color support to you DMD. You also might be interested in Freezy' dmdext down the road. Actually. Why not go for popper 1.3.6 right away. https://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/pinup-system-player-and-popper-front-end-install/


Read the description and watch the movies. You probably are going to end up with that front end in the end anyway.

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