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Colourisation load times on VPIN

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I have mentioned this in a previous thread (off topic), but just want to raise it as its own thread and see if anyone else finds it a problem.

I find the load time on some of the colourisations to be excessive, (Simpsons PP, AFM, Metallica and MM for example).

With Metalica for example the game is in a playable state, and I can plunge a ball and have it in the bumpers all before the DMD loads.

I understand this is to allow the pallet files to fully load on the hardware, and it is evident with both lucky1's and freezy's dll (virtual dmd is unaffected if the hardware pin2dmd is turned off)

Is there any way we can look at reducing this load time? It doesn't have to be instant, but it would be nice if it was less noticeable, at times I have thought VPX had crashed.



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