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My Nikola Tesla themed cabinet build

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I am in the process of building a Nikola Tesla themed virtual pinball cabinet. I recently finished building the backbox and coin door. I am building the cabinet from 3/4" birch plywood and a few original antique furniture parts.  The backbox is topped with a Tesla coil driven device that generates lightning inside a 6" glass disc and 4 homebuilt faux Tesla era vacuum tubes lit with LEDs. I built a coin mechanism into the door so that it accepts pennies. I will get started building the main cabinet once I have purchased the playfield monitor (43" 4k). 


Here are a few photos of where I am with the build right now:





Here's my test rig set up with the finished backbox.   I also cut the plastic handle on the shooter rod off, drilled and tapped the rod and attached a brass knob that matches the one on the coin door I built.



Here's  a D-Pad I built for menu controls etc.


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