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my stern tables arent working anymore

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about a month ago I noticed acdc was having issues.  when I launched the table the rom was not found.  I know its there because I was playing it before and it tested through vpinmame fine.  then mustang  also stopped working.  I cannot play it uless I take the file out of the table file and place it on my desktop.  if I do that the rom starts up fine when I launch the table.  now I notices that star trek pro is doing it.  I have tried st_161, 161h, 162... all checked fine through vpinmame and all play when launching "not in the table folder"  but as soon as I put them back in table folder, cannot recognize rom, like its not even there.  300 other tables work, vp10.5 and vpinmame 3.2 installed.  any suggestions...

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