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1 hour ago, Wob said:

I did a demo recording to show off this colourisation, the video includes both the std and colourised DMD as well as the table so you can see what triggers events. It wasn't my cleanest game (I seem to get some stutter when recording for some reason), I bricked BOTK , so no KOTR, but it does the job for a dmd demo.


Thanks again @NetzZWerg for the awesome work.


Here is the correct link 


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1 minute ago, Wob said:

Thanks @lucky, Just fixed my link

Thank you so much for the video. This really helps me to find the last missing issues... so like everyone can see, there is still a lot to do for me. :)

We also should mention that the version in the video is the unreleased Beta 1.3, for those who are wondering about some differences...

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