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[New B2S Alert] Space Shuttle (Taito 1984) backglass

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Space Shuttle (Taito 1984) backglass

Space Shuttle (Taito 1984) backglass
Space Shuttle (Mecatronics 1984)  backglass

First of all a "multiple thanks" to Carlos Guizzo (The Magician) for his images, video, support... and everything. Without him simply this backglass shouldn't exists.
This backglass uses a main image restored from Carlo's pictures and for a more realistic result custom LED counters  i made thanks to inside images of the backglass he sent me.

"Special thanks" to JPSalas for his help with lights assignements,

This backglass works with JP's Space Shuttle (Taito 1984) VPX table (Taito and Mecatronics are the same company)
It uses a main image as the one in flyer and other images on IPDB.
Anyway the origiunal table uses two  version with two different bacground  images, see  images and videos around the web.


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