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No Output on Pin2DMD in Table but Test Good

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I was attempting to get acd_170hc working.  I am running version 2.36 on my Pin2DMD. I know Lucky1 released a new firmware but I haven't updated it since all my tables were working in VPINMAME.dlls

I updated B2Server to 1.3.03 and registered the dll ccorrectly. I updated VPINMAME.dll from SAMbuild version r4614 to the latest version 3.2 from I think VPINMAME 2.6 or 8 (definitely an older version) from . I updated the dmddevice.dll and updated dmddevice64.dll from Lucky1 Pin2DMD gethub (latest version). I placed the dmddevice dlls in the root VPINMAME folder. Re-ran setup – initially did an uninstall and then an install. Everything installed without error. I setup defaults as they were originally set. Ran a test with PINAME on a ROM (24 and XMN). The ROM loads and displays on the Pin2DMD while in test mode; it works perfectly. I exited the test. I opened VPX10.5 and loaded AC/DC with the acd_170hc ROM in the script. The table loads correctly with no errors. But what is happening is now, the Pin2DMD is not displaying anything – it’s black no graphics, texts, etc. I tried multiple other tables with the exact same results – nothing displaying. Again, I tried to run the ROM in test mode in VPINMAME and it is displaying on the Pin2DMD correctly. Also, tried copying the dmddevice.dlls but nothing seems to be working. I don’t know if this is a limitation, if I have a setting not correct, or if the latest vpinmame.dll is not compatible with Pin2DMD.

Any thoughts on what is going on? I don’t know to go back to the older version of PinMAME and the older version of AC/DC which ran fine on the Pin2DMD; and of course, all the other tables were displaying in the Pin2DMD.

I'm really lost on how to resolve this. Thanks for any help.

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