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Go-DMD with V4 Shield and Nucleo firmware

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I hope it is Ok to ask a Go-DMD question here.

I understand that I can load the Go-DMD firmware on the V4 shield with the Nucleo controller. The shield has all the extra bits like battery and IR receiver.

I tried loading the firmware godmd-stm32-v1.07-84.bin, but I get nothing on the display.

Is this the correct firmware? am I on the right track trying to load Go-DMD onto this board?

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No, sorry!
V4/nucleo board is not compatible with go-dmd yet as the pinout is completely different to v3/discovery combo.
Steve hasn’t ported it to the new hardware so atm you/we are stuck with v3


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Should indeed not that much work. Biggest hurdle right now, no testing hardware left :-(

@Lucky1: do have a controller and shield left for testing?

But anyway: do not expect new firmware soon. Its summer season and I'm quite busy, so not much time to create firmware for other boards.

If you just want to build a goDMD I would recommend a VET6 board incl. shield and wifi.

You can order the ready to use shield including all sensors and remote control in my shop https://go-dmd.de/produkt/godmd-controller-rgb-komplettset/

I can also add one of these VET6 boards (like this https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1-st-cke-STM32F407VET6-entwicklung-bord-Cortex-M4-STM32-mindest-system-lernen-board-ARM-core-board/32864003267.html ) if you like.

Maybe that's a faster way to build something.

Best Steve

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