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[New B2S Alert] Conan (Rowamet 1983) directb2s

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Conan (Rowamet 1983) directb2s

Backglass for Conan (Rowamet 1983) Pinball

I made it time ago, without to much work (as you can see) but I didn't find a good image for backglass.
Used a movie poster with the same main image and redraw from scratch snakes (yes they are ugly).
For title and Conan image on the right side simply used images the more near possible to the original, with some adjustement.

To be more similar to real table i made counters with 6 digit, so you will need to change ROM name in table script, from rollstob to rollston (the table is a mod or Rolling Stones Bally 1980).
ROM name is used 5 times in VP9 and 4 times in VPX table script (included first credits rows).

For inner lights... used immagination and a short video on youtube.

Not my best, but it seems to work.

Arnold deserves better than this so if i'll find better resources...



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it is so clear that i din't work too much? :(

ok ok that is one of my first try wit b2s so i should have some kind of mercy.....

i'll make a better work with the next backlass, stay in touch




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