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[New VP10 Alert] Beach Bums 1.0 (2018)

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Beach Bums 1.0 (2018)

Welcome to the Beach! Surf's up Brah! Get your sex wax and board ready for a radical ride on the gnarliest waves and unleash your Big Kahuna!!

This is BEACH BUMS!!

Hey all, thank you to everyone on this awesome site for giving me the opportunity to share my table. So, since this is my first attempt at anything Visual Pinball, please go easy on me. lol. *gulp*

First of all, a short backstory to why I even did this in the first place... A few years ago, I bought a real Fascination cocktail pinball called "Roy Clark, The Entertainer". Nothing against Roy Clark (and Hee Haw), but I decided I wanted to refurbish and re-theme the table (see before and after pic). The theme itself was based off of my favorite slot machine IGT's "Catch-A-Wave". There were only 2000 plays on this table when I bought it and it played perfectly. Unfortunately, after re-theming it and putting it back together, it doesn't work anymore. :( I don't know what I did, and I've had pin techs come look at it, but still can't fix it. Anyway, backstory aside, I decided to use all my original artwork, along with new artwork, and models, to bring you a VPX version of my theme and here it is!

I'd like to thank everyone for helping me make this table possible...

*First and foremost, I want to thank BorgDog for his original Hollywood Heat table, and for  letting me mod it to begin with.

*Thank you again, BorgDog, for all your scripting guru knowledge and help (and for your patience) :)

*Thank you xenonph for all your help from the very beginning. Couldn't have done it without you too.

*Thank you Hauntfreaks for your B2S help!

*Thank you Flupper for your awesomely beautiful ramp.

*And a HUGE thank you to the VPX and VPM developers, who make this all possible!!

Note: Beach Bums uses a slightly modded "hlywoodh" rom for scoring. It is included in this file, although it will interfere, if you have an existing HH rom, sorry :(. Also included is background and bonus music MP3's that will need to install in your VPX music folder. Don't forget to turn off all original HH sounds, changeable in the script, to hear the included MP3's and such.

Thank you to everyone and I hope you all have as much fun playing this table as I did making it.

Your friend in pinball, Brian (watacaractr/RetroBASH)


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Do the Hollywood heat and bubba tables work? And are you using freezys? I'm not sure freezys supports alpha numeric displays.

still no bueno, beachbms rom or hlywoodh rom, dmd does not work after upgrading to 3.2 beta

Sent from my PH-1 using Tapatalk

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yes bubba works but no dof effects hollywood heat has dof effect, both have a blank display for pin2dmd, and yes im on freezy's.


But i'm not getting anything on the backglass either.

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I am having the same problem with the dmd not showing on my pin2dmd using any  version of hlywoodh.zip.  I am running the latest SAM build and my other tables with alphanumeric displays work fine.  I am just scratching my head on this one...

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