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Files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10CjjAcqHkeEuJ7iSOv-fVCJzrrNpndLc

CheckPoint Pin2DMD Readme
Colorization of Data East’s CheckPoint.

1 animimation DOES break the 16 pixel height, but its position makes it work in both 16 and 32 pixel height mode.

I just wanted to get yet another first out of the way. First Gottlieb (SFII), First DMDXL (BayWatch), First 16x to 32 conversion (TMNT), and now first 16x colorization sticking to 16 pixel height!

WIP thread:
Doesnt Exist

Release Change Log:

.03    SkillShot Made
    blue Porsche animation
    Radar Gun (dynamic, all speeds)
    3K, 4K, 5K, 6K RPM

.02    Scoring
    SkillShot Notice
    Music Select
    Both Check Point Animations
    Corrected Turn Key Pal
    Support Our Troops

.01     mega BETA
    Color by Malenko, 16 pixel edition
    High Scores & World Record
    Caveman Ninja Place holder
    DE Logo
    Turn Key

Thanks to Lucky1 for the recording, and for the support.










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wow....just wow....Malenko you have done a teriffic job of colorization here. Really just spectacular work. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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