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[New B2S Alert] Black Hole (Taito 1981)

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Black Hole (Taito 1981)

Black Hole (Taito 1981) backglass

The magician sent me an high definition image of Black Hole (Taito 1981) backglass but with a lot of ruined parts asking: can you restore it?
Sure, i thought
And that's the result.
The table should be basically the same of Gottlieb's Balck Hole, so the backglass should work with both tables.
Since there are few images of Taito's backglass i used pictures of gottlieb's one to position inner lights.
And some immagination for their  on-off cycle...

i saw ina a video that areas around hilight text becomes "darker" when the back light is on, strage but true e back light darks the glass…
i keept this effect


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