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Pincab Baseball (Gottlieb) (1970) (Herweh) (Fs) (Db2S)

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File Name: Baseball (Gottlieb) (1970) (Herweh) (FS) (dB2S)
File Submitter: Herweh
File Submitted: 10 Mar 2013
File Category: Recreations
Permission to Mod: No
VP Version: v9.12

This is a fullscreen and directB2S mod of Sabbat's 'Baseball'.
Pinuck and Sabbat provided some backglass images and image snippits.
Thewool and Luvthatapex helped a lot at the high score post-it and the conversion to FS.
Thanks a lot for the kind permission to release this mod to Sabbat.

For installation please check the 'readme.txt' file in the ZIP.

Click here to download this file

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