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Hello everyone,  not sure if anyone knew about this but found it on pinside,  someone starting coloring Jurassic park



Im not familiar with the editor,  but Im sure some people are here,  I just wanted to bring it to peoples attention.  perhaps just export it to a vni file for testing now, maybe finish?  

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Similar to WCS, I took Rensh's project and put in a bunch of additional work to make it playable.    The original author had provided a drop folder to put updates into, so I placed my version there, which has a VNI you can use.    It sounds like he sold his machine so he won't be doing further updates himself


I think overall it's pretty good now.    There's a lot more that can be done, but between the scenes that are colored, and the colored default palette, nothing comes off as grossly out of place.   I think the biggest thing is the GAME OVER sequence at the very end, and some of the attract mode sequences.      The match sequence looks good most of the time but sometimes gets out of whack (needs to be broken up into more parts to keep in time, I guess). 


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thank you so much for adding to it and putting out the vni and pal files... i spent the whole day installing my pindmd v3 today with freezys dll and adding as much color games as possible, including this one... i must say.. going from a 3 lcd screen cab, to a 2 screen with pindmd3 is such a massive upgrade.  and these color roms are soo much fun..... thanks again!!!!

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