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Hello Malenko,

I've downloaded your very latest files to test and report what works and what doesn't on my pincab. 
For reference I'm running Vpinball 10.6 with a pin2DMD (firmware 2.55) and I think freezy's 1.71 dll (I'm not aware if there‚Äôs an easy way to check ūüėē).

I still see the following original animations in basic red dots , though it seems some of them should be replaced by your beautiful colorizations :
- building scene
- "oops missed"
- "b
ummer dude"
- "Help me"
- Splinter
- turtle showing the fingers
- names of Michelangelo et Donatello 
- Looping lit
- Use push button
- "Everybody out of the sewers"

So it seems that many keyframes still  aren't triggering consistently.
Also, the scene with the 4 turtles shells is flashing a bit weirdly, I get a mix of red and green on that one.  

However I did get at least one colored screen that I didn'thave before, the one with Shredder, and the intro sequence with the game logo/ colorized by Malenko is flawless here. 

Keep up the great work and let me know if I should upgrade to firmware 2.60 or test anything else with a different setup !


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Thanks!  I have a new recording I have to add to the mix and go through and try to trigger what's already done and see if that improves anything. I did a bunch of recordings but they weren't where I thought they'd be (in the table folder) but I found them in the dmddump folder I made under vpinMAME.

Building Scene I have play more often than not. I've seen it not trigger and Im hoping the additional dumps Ive made fix the triggering issue.
Bummer dude definitely has a triggering issue (its replaced by the rocksteady frames)
Help Me has never triggered for me , I will be chopping it up and doing a ton of 1:1 frames / triggers
Splinter is missing from the dump I have and Im not sure he's in my new dump, but I will get him recorded and draw up a new scene
Turtle showing fingers? 
I was happy I got Leo and Raph triggering most of the time and my new dump has mikey and Don in it a bunch so Im hoping this gets sorted
Looping Lit is missing form the dump
Push button is captured and needs colored
Everybody out of the sewers is getting redone and retriggered.

Sounds like you're a lot better at this pin than I am (despite me owning the real deal) Think its possible you could make a dump or two for me? It'd be a huge help.

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.12    Addition triggers for NUMEROUS animations , sequences, and palettes (way more to do, I need to do another capture)
    Added and colored missing big right arrow scene
    replaced "oops missed" scene with Kraang animation
    replaced "push button" scene with Baxter Stockman scene
    Added but havent redone "fight again" animation





I do need to adjust colors a bit, they look a little washed out. I just got my colorization panel from dpannel , so I'll be hooking that up and checking shit out

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Thanks for the details ! Actually I'm a very bad player so I doubt I can provide much more than what you already have :)  - this being said I've tried to create a dump file but nothing was generated....
I relied on an old tutorial which told me to install a specific vpinmame.dll and I created a dmddump folder inside the vpinmame folder, I looked into it and in c:\temp but there was nothing...
Is there a tutorial somewhere explaining how to create dumps (or if it's quick enough can you tell me here) ?

I grabbed the latest version and am happy to report seeing the "push start" and  "you missed" pictures (a little bit washed out indeed). Cheers !

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make a subfolder called dmddump under pinmame
activate the dump by having use external DMD and show DMD in the game
open pin2dmd and tick "create dump file"
the dumps will be in the dmddump folder. You can compress them to gz with 7zip

tweaked Push Start colors, recolored kraang/shellbrain
redid Match game. Since its so random, there's no easy way to color the shells the way I wanted to. So its slightly blander, but less glitchy looking.
redid "insert coin" and its working closer to expected, not always animated but still looks good.
added and colored "fight again" This might get replaced with a new animation, but for now, its in there.
retriggered Brown belt.
added more eye triggers

same link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UtVjBM2hh9bKb0iMDwU_Sp-R8pJEFwqu


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Thanks again ! I tried several times, with the subfolder created, re-installing vpinmame with "external dmd" + "show dmd" ticked, and "create dump file" ticked in pin2dmd (I saved the config, then re-opened the executable and let the window in place...)... but nothing materialized despite playing several full games. :(

I'll keep you posted if I can solve this.

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