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Dual Video Card problem - Sound clipping

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Looking for some help and advice on resolving my tech problem.  I put the specs at the bottom for anyone who really wants to see specifics but they are the same computers (bought 2 at same time) with the following exceptions described below.  Basically the large pinball is a 3 screen setup so it has a 2nd video card.  another note is that the big cabinet does has a zebs plunger/nudge controller but I have tested removing it too and even with just the Xin Mo using buttons to launch I have the same clipping - just to rule that out....


IMPORTANT NOTE:  VIDEO WORKS OPTIMALLY.  I can play all games successfully on both with good performance.  the 3 screen setup has audio double/lag on some tables that I can't seem to resolve.  I have tried using on-board audio (disabling all HDMI audio) and even tried adding a dedicated PCI sound card (a good one) and still got the doubling with just the "speakers" sound device thru the card.  It only happens in VP - 9 and X (10.4).  I have latest version of VPINMAME as well as my audio and video drivers.  PinballX I never hear any audio doubling -- just within the VPINMAME when the emu is running.


Here's what I've read in forums to try already..


1.  Disabled ddraw on the suspect tables in registry - no effect. (most were 0 already)

2.  Tried volume levels in table and VP to ensure not too loud for clipping - no change.

3.  Doesn't matter which audio out I use - I have tried HDMI thru speakers in the 40, 32, 10, and thru an external speaker connected to sound cards - no change.  I ensured all others were disabled and only one active for all testing.

4.  Tried adjusting processor affinity for VP exe processes to a single CPU - no change.

5.  Tried lowering audio quality from 48000 in VPINMAME all the way down to 11000 - no change.

6.  Audio doubles mostly on music but sometimes on sounds as well.  Disabled sounds in VP and VPX and music alone still doubles.


I'm not finding any other things to try in the forums - help anyone if you can....some good tables that have the doubling.  I'm willing to try and test if anyone has ideas...



Computer 1 (my mini pinball setup) has 2 screens (18" BG and 27" PF).  They are driven by the single GTX 560 TI video card.  This runs VP9 and PINX cabinets super smooth with no lag.  Monitor 1 (27) is DVI-connected and Monitor 2 (18) is VGA.  Audio is on-board sound card to a small speaker.


Computer 2 (my large pinball setup) has 3 screens (32" BG, 40" PF, and a 10.4" DMD).  They are driven video as follows:

40" PF is connected via HDMI to the GTX 560 TI.  32" BG is connected to the DVI of the same GTX 560 TI.  10.4" DMD is connected via DVI to a second video card - a GeForce GT 730.




Computer1 (mini pinball cabinet)

ASUS K9N SLI V2 - https://www.msi.com/...K9N_SLI_V2.html

8GB PC6400 DDR2 Memory

AMD Quad-Core 9650 AM2 CPU (https://www.cpubench... 9650 Quad-Core)

MSI GeForce GTX 560 TI Video Card

Xin Mo arcade dual player USB controller

Windows 7


Computer2 (large pinball cabinet)

ASUS K9N SLI V2 - https://www.msi.com/...K9N_SLI_V2.html

8GB PC6400 DDR2 Memory

AMD Quad-Core 9650 AM2 CPU (https://www.cpubench... 9650 Quad-Core)

MSI GeForce GTX 560 TI Video Card for BG/PF (https://www.msi.com/..._EditionOC.html)

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 730 for DMD (https://www.geforce..../geforce-gt-730)

Xin Mo arcade single player USB controller

Zeb's Plunger/Nudge V2

Windows 7

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