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DMD Extensions v1.7.0 released

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Is the virtual DMD showing?     In your INI both are enabled so they would normally both show up.

My dmddevice.log ends up in the VP folder not the VPinmame folder, check there.  

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wow, this is awesome.  Thanks so much.  I have to look into how to color roms now that this works.

One question, any advantage to running the x64 version vs x86?  I thought I had to run the x86 version.


I just tried out World Cup Soccer, amazing (just like my real color DMD on my real pins, great job guys)

I can't seem to get dmddevice.ini file working right for baywatch.  I want to move the top up from regular dmd on my monitor.  I have

top = 352
;top not working
virtualdmd enabled = true

in my dmddevice.ini file, but it doesn't seem to do anything except enable the virtual dmd for baywatch.  by default I have the dmd turned off.  Any ideas?



i'm a moron, forgot to add virtualdmd top = 352 in the inifile, sorry sometimes I just can't read.

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I do that every morning to keep shit working ;)

Joke aside, glad it works but unfortunate that you had to take such drastic measures. If you happen to have the same problem again, let me know to figure out what caused it.

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i have a problem with the "stay on top" setting. the virtual dmd is always behind the backglass.

I´ve already looked at the global window setting via tool called "turbotop": it shows that the backglass image (form1) window and the virtual dmd window both have the flag for "stay on top" set.

If i remove the flag from form1 the virtual dmd window stays in front of the backglass window but the form1 seems to set the flag again after a few seconds.

is there anyway to fix this, so to prevent form1 to set the flag or to give the virtual dmd window a higher priority?

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This shows what is possible with dmdext's support of Pinup Player!


Aliens FX3 PuP-Pack! DOFLinx, SSF, and optional Movie Soundtrack!

I've updated my Aliens FX3 PuP-Pack to have more videos, use newer PuP features, and it has optional SSF (Surround Sound Feedback) and Movie Music!

Video preview:



This FX3 table can run on a cabinet and have excellent hardware, lighting, and surround sound feedback, and an active video backglass using the combination of the following programs

- DDH69's DOFLinx will trigger all cabinet feedback related functions. This includes solenoids, shaker motor, blower fan, RGB flashers, RGB undercab, strobes, beacons, MX leds,etc . It also will trigger the Pinup Player SSF (surround sound feedback) actions.

- Freezy's dmdext (DMD Extensions) will render the FX3 DMD to real DMDs or a new virtual DMD window with nice clean "dots". It will also output the DMD images to Pinup Player for PuPCapture.

- NailBuster's Pinup Player will create an active video Backglass and Topper. It monitors the dmdext DMD output and will play videos on your Backglass or Topper screen when it sees specific DMD images. It also plays movie music tracks in the same manner. For PuP SSF (surround sound feedback), it relies on DOFLinx to tell Pinup Player when to play the SSF sounds.

-TerryRed is the poor sap who created this Aliens FX3 PuP-Pack.

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Hello have one issue with dmdext and Pinball FX 3!  Problem is when i start the dmd ext with popper and launch script no dmd and when i start without popper and start a command with windows same problem that the issue see on my pic an help me what is my problem??


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