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can't get rid of virtual dmd

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hi all,

have an issue driving me a bit batty.

I recently had to re-image my PC from a backup taken a couple months ago. I then did the latest updates for VP and VPM.

I use a Pin2DMD. On every table now, i have a virtual DMD overlaid on the playfield. In vpm options it is turned off.  I'm using the latest pin2dmd dll's from lucky's github.

I've also tried adding a dmddevice.ini file and adding the lines:


but still, this virtual dmd is on every table. It wont go away! Does anyone have any ideas at what I should check or what I might have missed ?

Thanks in advance.

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Check the registry. And it might be a good idea to create a new default value that hasn't that set.

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Be sure you have Everything installed correct, use the correct dmddevice.dll (with lucky1 DLL you dont need dmddevice.ini if you use pin2dmd)

Then be sure you unchecked in vpinmame show dmd and Check use external.


Then it should be Working


I recommend to Read and install Everything like mentioned in the FAQ of the Visual pinball Junkies group on Facebook 

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