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Plunger issues...works on most but not all?

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Im having issues with my plunger not working on about 17 games, I have several tables loaded and it works great in those games, both plunger and launch button, it is a virtuapin digital plunger kit v3, I have calibrated settings, and checked mechanical plunger in tables, Im at a loss?? The tables are both vpx, vp995, pm5, during some tables launch I can even see the plunger pull back.. give me some ideas to check experts, and thanks in advance

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It might actually be that the plunger is placed too low. For some odd reason there is a difference between the mechanical one and the emulated enter key one. I expect that you will get it to work if you look closely at the plunger - often at layer one for a wall that is holding the ball just slightly too high in the shooter lane. Try moving the wall a bit down so the ball falls a little bit further toward the plunger.

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