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Quick power wiring question when removing DC-DC board

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After having my Pin2DMD for a few months, I am FINALLY really to install it.  

I originally bought it with the DC-DC board so that I could hook up 12v or 24v power, but I am thinking that (due to some wiring conveniences) I want to just run 5V to it from my PC power supply.  I've got a nice 80+ Gold 750Watt  power supply for my PC build.

So looking at the picture I've included, I don't use the power plug at the top (red X), I disconnect the connection in the blue box and connect to the PC power supply, but then what about the connection in orange with the orange '???' in the box?  To fully remove the DC-DC board, I need to disconnect those wires.  They seem to be supplying 5v to that connection inside the orange box.

What do I do there?  Does that board need separate 5v to it, or does it pull from the USB?  Please advise on how to properly remove the DC-DC board and run this more "stock"...   Thanks for your help.  My searching for answers this morning has hit a road block.


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