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KL25z + 2 LWClone ???

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I have a problem and I think my problem is in the device settings, which device should trigger the port.

Come on.

I have in my Cabinet, 2 Lwclone and 1 KL25Z.
1 LWclone is connected to relays for activations of solenoids and other toys such as motor shaker and gearmotor. This Lwclone I considered to be device 1 because it was created with ID1.

The Second LWClone I use only to control the RGB leds of the entire cabinet. This Lwclone I call device 2 because it was created with ID2.

The KL25z I configured with the correct firmware to be able to control nodge with its accelerometer, I do not use it for anything other than nodge and accelerometer. I just tested the connected KL25z on the PC running VPX with any table and the accelerometer is working perfectly.
I went to Dofconfigtools and generated the new files and saved it to the DOF directory correctly on my PC.
with the following settings:







after that, I opened the file dofconfig.ini and I changed the values referring to the ports, and I put the ports according as it is configured in the files generated in the dofconfigtools site, where the outputs of LWclone 1 that controls relays I started using the prefix 1 before the output number, and to activate output 9 I used the number 109, and so on.

For the ports that comprise Lwclone 2 that controls the lights I used the prefix 2 before the port numbers, as if I want to trigger port 9 of lwclone 2 I use the number 209, and so on.

In this same file I did not see any options for the KL25z, so I saved the file only with the settings above.

The big problem, nothing works .....
For starters, when I start DOFlinx.exe, it detects 5 ledwiz devices, not 2 otherwise .... it detects the KL25Z normally.
But it marks the LEDWIz with ID # 0, ID # 2, ID # 3 .... I believe this is the problem, doflinx.exe must be identifying and generating ID's different from those already configured for the ports in this way can not active the correct port because the correct port is in another device ID ........ Would this be the problem?

Is it possible to have 2 Lwclone and 1 KL25Z on the same system?
Being that the KL25z would only be to use the accelerometer feature?

How to Proceed?

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