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Error message when launching doflinx.exe

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Hello and thnakyou for any help in advance. I am having trouble getting doflinx to launch. i suspect i havent configured it correctly. 

I have VPX installed and working fine with B2S backglass.

I have a arduino mega flashed with LWclone that works fine with led blinky.

Here is how I installed and configured directoutput/doflinx:


- extracted DirectOutput_R3Beta_Build_5812.27024.zip to c:\DirectOutput\
- extracted DOFLinx V6.22.zip to c:\DirectOutput
- unblocked all .dll and .exe files in c:\DirectOutput\
- set all .exe files to run as admin
- made shortcut to c:\DirectOutput\ in c:\visual pinball\tables\plugins\
- deleted line 'LoadScript("ledcontrol.vbs"):Err.Clear' in c:\visual pinball\scripts\core.vbs
- copied DOFLinx-FX3 B2S Backglass only-No toys.ini from sample inis folder to c:\DirectOutput\and renamed to DOFLinx.ini
- went to http://configtool.vpuniverse.com
- set 1 ledwiz device with start button on port 1 and launch button on port 2. didnt touch any other settings
- generated config files
- copyed directoutput.ini to C:\DirectOuput\

- copied tablemappings.xml to C:\DirectOutput\config\
- copied example cabinet config from https://directoutput.github.io/DirectOutput/cabinetconfig.html into new file c:\DirectOuput\config\cabinet.xml
- ran global config editor
- set ini files path to C:\DirectOutput\config\
- set cabinet config to C:\DirectOutput\config\cabinet.xml
- saved global config file to C:\DirectOutput\config\GlobalConfiguration_b2SServer.xml
- opened DOFLinx.ini
- changed PATH_B2S_SERVER=C:\VP\Tables\ to PATH_B2S_SERVER=C:\visual pinball\Tables\
- opened vpx and loaded table
- right clicked backglass. enabled plugins

when i launch doflinx.exe i get a .net popup with an error, (photo attached).

I am helping someone can point me in the right direction, cheers.


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Thank you outhere! I now have doflinx running in background with no errors. I can start configuring...

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