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DOF stops working after several minutes

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So I finally decided to take the plunge and dof my cabinet. OMG, playing with Dof I never want to go back,  it's freaking awesome.

I'm running into a problem which I'm stuck and I'm really hoping that someone can help me out. I run a sainsmart 8 USB relay board with currently 4 solenoids. Cheap 7 dollar ones from overseas that I saw others use. I've have 4 more on the way, lol. 

Win 10. Vp 995 and vpx 10.4. Pc power supply for power.

When I start a table everything's fine and works perfect for approximately 5 minutes or so or less. I don't think there's an exact time frame. However  it seems like if I "hammer" on it, it shuts off quicker. (Hitting the flipers like a mad man). Once I unplug and plug my sainsmart board back in, it works again. I've checked Windows device manager when it stops working and I still see the device still connected. Also once it shuts off I look at the board and the rely light's are on (red). As you probably already know they only light red when the rely is activated. It's random, sometimes 1 is on other times 3 of the 4 are on.  I have all 8 relys "activated" in my ini file however the lights that stay on seem to be the ones that have solenoids attached to them.

Once I unplug and plug back in the lights go off and everything works again  for who knows how long.

Also if it's any help I'm not running any diodes as when I tried to hook up a diode it made my power supply shut off as soon as the solenoid fired, so I removed them and it works fine. I was using the 1n4004 400V /1 amp diodes.


Please let me know if anyone has any thoughts?

Thank you!

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hi, I have the same problem: DOF is stopping after some time but is back when I restart a table.  Can you tell me how you fixed your problem ? 


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