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Physical force feedback (flippers only)

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If you are busy spending 1-6 months on trying to figure out direct output ,I made a way , in the mean time, to provide simple flipper force feedback by physically mapping my flipper buttons to selinoid switches. You have to do a little persission drilling and use some small hardware peices, or erector set parts laying around.  The idea is to get two switches on one happ button, to fire 2 switches simultaneously. one can fire your usb controller function and the other switch can fire a solenoid. I wish I could fire both from one switch but the 12 volts needed to power the solenoid could cross and fry the usb encoder. Just drill holes on the one side so the micro switches will pop into the button housing. Run small bolts through and add brackets for support. I tested it and the switches both fire great. Let me know if anyone has more ideas like this.



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i would never use those arcade Buttons cause all Arcade Buttons i used had input Lag and i tested many many of them
If you can always go for real Pinball Buttons with leaf switches behind, if you can´t or don´t want use Arcade Buttons with integratd Leafe Switches.

Also wiring a solenoid or a contactor to the flipper buttons directly is not that hard, and with help of wiring shemes it is all possible to do ;) or you grab a friend who is electrician and he wires it for you :P and you pay him a drink :D 
Also when it comes to DOF i would always go with the real DOF and not the poor man´s Dof or as it is now called SSF. 

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