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51 minutes ago, latin625 said:

No worries.  I got it working and love it.  Fantastic work.  Friends at VPAddicts got me sorted out. Keep up the great work.  Tip on its way!

Thank You!

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52 minutes ago, latin625 said:

is there a link to the finished version.  I was only able to get the beta on this thread. Thanks!

i'm not quite finished yet, some keyframing challenges still to solve.  I need the editor updated to fix the non working masks.

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Here is the link to version 2.0 of the project source files.  Everything is colored and keyframed.  There are a couple known bugs and challenges right now that are not quite solved:

  • Match scene is not correctly masked 100% (New L-Mask feature in editor may be able to fix?)
  • Sleeper Pops same as Match scene, both scenes will play just some color bleeding occurs and it's not perfect....lol
  • Doink call out scene is glitchy in the game as it randomly skips keyframes so makes colors off at times.
  • Multiball Ready has some color bleeding as well (more masks are needed at this point, waiting on editor update)
  • RIP Jackpot same challenge as Multibal Ready
  • Jackpot Yokozuna and the "vs. Savage" scenes have a couple non keyframed scenes because they share them with other animations (still trying to figure this one out)

All of these scenes I listed do in fact still play they just are not at the quality level I'd like them to be...If you feel inclined to do so tips are appreciated but not mandatory.   I hope you enjoy!


Real Pins  - place .fsq & .pal files on SD Card and rename to pin2dmd, you will also need to grab lucky's "royal rumble fix" firmware version from the github page

VPins - place .vni & .pal files in the correct alt_color folder and rename to pin2dmd.



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