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My frankenstein approach to add DOF to Goldorak with code from Stranger Things script

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Not much to say really. I probably should have waited for someone who knows better but I figured I would give it a go.  I'm not really a programer but I can dig around in the scripts enough to get myself into trouble. Primarily I just wanted to get my zblaunch ball going with Goldorak which it turns out is pretty easy to do if the table in question has a name assigned to it in the config tool. Secondary was to get some RGB stuff going. I don't have any solenoids or anything fancy in my mini cab so I really just wanted to add some of the bling stuff. What did I do? I basically took as many DOF events as I figured were safe to copy over from the Stranger Things table and copied them into their respective places in the Goldorak script. I also copied the Stranger Things DOF Configs from the config tool and put them into the VPX Nudge Test config. Since Goldorak is not listed in the configs I just used the VPX Nudge Test as a generic config to play with. If this ever becomes a real DOF configuration, Goldorak will need its table named in the Config Tool.

Here is a video showing it working, LOL. OK, so I chuckle a little at the beginning because it is funny to me to see the Stranger Things effects at the beginning but hey, at least I got somewhere which is pretty awesome to me since I wasn't really  sure I would get anywhere with this. Obviously it has some issues like the back efffects MX not turning off and the launch ball light on the right rgb strip stays on.

I've posted the edited script below in a pastebin link. If anyone wants to take it and work with it (or laugh at it) feel free. I would love it if this table got a good proper DOF treatment.

Yes I have glare on my playfield from the DMD. I only notice it when I record something like this.

Link to text of the script: https://pastebin.com/A0XzX6Z7


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