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Shaker Motor does not stop

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i have a "PinControl1" which is controlled via DOF as a "ledwiz".  Solenoids, Analog-Plunger, LED Stripes, Everything works perfectly, only the Shaker Motor makes problems. Once activated, it does not turn off anymore. This happens at all tables.

I asked the manufacturer of PinControl for help. He said, he now this error, "but it's an error in the implementation of the DOF script", and has no solution. :-/ Maybe someone of you?

If it helps, THIS is my Port Assignments and THIS is my DOF Config Folder. DOF.log shows no error.

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On the DOF configure tool website under my account  where it says LEDwiz framework make sure that is set to directoutput...
If it needs changing download the files after changing and try again

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