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Freezy DLL not colourising ROMs

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Good evening,

I recently downloaded the Freezy DMD Ext files and copied the required ‘dmddevice.dll’ to my vpinmame directory.  Ive checked the require boxes via the F1 vpinmame settings and the 'new' DMD appears. The 'colourise' option is checked in the settings and enabled in the .ini file and I copied the attached pallette files (see link below) and the file structure into my vpinmame directory but my DMD is still not showing any colours? Do i need to patch the ROMS too? If so, can anyone post a linked to the colour patched ROMS aswell (in addition to the palette files)

Many thanks in advance.



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Are you getting color ANY of the games?  Games like Attack from Mars etc strictly use the color palletes to colorize, not any patched roms.  If you are getting no color roms whatsoever then you have a setup issue

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