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New to vp and having issue updating to vpx 10.4

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I have watched MajorFrenchies videos a few times and trying to follow along. Seems pretty straight forward, just missing something yet.  I do get a few errors and things happening that he doesn't experience but that's  side note. Vp cabs have it set up that pinball x starts when cab turned on. It still is opening old files. I have reached out to them again. I spent Fri evening through Sun evening and will continue until I get it working. I know once I do and get used to how to do everything it will get easier. I am amazed that he made these videos less than a year ago and many newer versions of each item (VPX, DOF, DOFLinxs, pinball X, etc)

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So what they have it Pinballx set to start from boot, which means it is located in the startup tab.  Google for which version of Windows you are running to stop that.  Or if you exit out you should get back to windows screens

Once you are in windows you need to find your PinballX folder, then the setup files?? (Sorry at a different cpu.)  There you will find all the settings and which executable of VP9 or VP10 pinballx is running.


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