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Pin2dmd fx2

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Depuis qq jours je n'ai plus de DMD sur mon pin2dmd quand je lance fx2, je ne me souviens pas avoir modifié une config...
le pin2dmd fonctionne bien avec PBX et VP mais rien avec fx2.
Mon Dmdext est en 1.6
Auriez-vous une idée ?


Since qq days I have more DMD on my pin2dmd when I run fx2, I do not remember having changed a config ...
the pin2dmd works well with PBX and VP but nothing with fx2.
My Dmdext is in 1.6
Do you have an idea ?




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I had the same problem... I checked the setup for DMDExt...

and then checked the PinballFX2.. looks like the settings for the DMD size and location in Cabinet mode disappeared in FX2. I set it up as described here:


and its all working fine again in PinballX

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