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What power supply should I buy?

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UncleSash hooked me up with an awesome Pin2DMD, however I have some questions around the power.  This will be going into a virtual pinball cabinet.  I plan to just provide the Pin2DMD with its own dedicated power supply since they are relatively inexpensive.

He recommended a 24V power supply.  I'm not saying that is wrong, but I am reading elsewhere that people are using smaller than that.  I really don't care if it is 12V or 24V, just looking for best options.  

I found a 24V 1A 24Watt power supply, and a 24V 1A 48Watt power supply for around $10 each new.  Is that enough amperage?  Should I be looking at something completely different?   Sorry for the noob questions.  

I see where everything goes based off of the photos that were sent to me of my unit, but just need to iron out this power question.  I just want to do it right the first time.  Thanks all.



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Yeah, I bought the DC-DC converter option because I didn't know if I needed it.  Is it valuable to have, or should I just remove it and use 5V from the computer power supply like you mentioned?

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